Work on power law

Here links to my work in Power Law in English and Spanish, in several formats.

* LONG ARTICLE IN ENGLISH: Comparison of power law at Wikipedia from power law at the European social forum platform.
Fuster Morell, M (2010). Participation in Online Creation Communities: Ecosystemic Participation?. Conference Proceedings of JITP 2010: The Politics of Open Source (p. 270-295). Retrieved from

Similar comparison but in Spanish.

Fuster Morell, M. (2011) ¿La participación como ecosistema?comunidades de creación online parra la construcción de bienes públicos digitales. En A. Calle Democracia radical: entre vínculos y utopías. (págs. 129-148) Icaria: Barcelona. ISBN 978-84-9888-330-5 MFM_PowerLaw_AngelCalle

* CHAPTER THESIS IN ENGLISH: Based on four cases comparition (Wikipedia, Social Forums, Flickr and Wikihow)
VI. Participation in online creation communities’ platforms:


Slides presentation “Comparison of Wikipedia, 15M and Sopa Campaign. 11 hypothesis to explain power law and its democratic meaning”Power Law Power Point MFM

This power point in Spanish.

Slides presentacion “Significado de las leyes de potencias en el espacio publico en red: Wikipedia, 15M, SOPA” Barcelona. Seminario P2P15M. Barcelona, 4 de Julio 2013.  15MP2P_MayoFusterMorell