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Two good news today. First, and importantly!!!, Interface launched its first number. Interface is a new journey that combine peer-reviewed quality with open access format. Furthermore, Interface is conceived as a journey “FOR and about social movements” and aims to build bridges between research and action.

The birth of Interface makes me very very happy. I think it is to be celebrated the birth of research journeys that reject the commercialization of research and knowledge and choose to be openly accessible. To reinforce open access is to me the priority now, individually and collectively. We need to develop a”critical mass” that adopt open access and show that it is absurd the actual system of distribution of research results.

The second, less important, good new is that Interface team accepted an article by me on “Action research: mapping the nexus of research and political action”. I feel very proud that my firts peer-reviewed articles appears in an open access journey.

Hope that you enjoy Interface!! Mayo

Interface: a journal for and about social movements

Issue one: “movement knowledge”

The first issue of Interface, a multilingual, open access and global e-journal produced by social movement practitioners and engaged movement researchers, is now available at The special theme of this issue is “movement knowledge”: what movements know, how they produce knowledge, what they do with it and how it can make a difference.

Articles in this issue include:

Laurence Cox, Cristina Flesher Fominaya, Editorial: movement knowledge

Mayo Fuster Morell, Action research: mapping the nexus of research and political action

Budd Hall, A river of life: learning and environmental social movements

Sandra Maria Gadelha de Carvalho / José Ernandi Mendes, Extensão universitária: compromisso social, resistência e produção de conhecimentos (Continuing education: social commitment, resistance and the production of knowledge)

Ilse Scherer-Warren, Redes para a (re)territorialização de espaços de conflito: os casos do MST e MTST no Brasil (Networks for the reterritorialisation of spaces of conflict: the cases of the Brazilian MST and MTST)

Antonio Pedro Dores, Movimentos sociais existem? (Do social movements exist?)

Michael Duckett, “Wor diary”: a case of DIY alternative history (action note)

Süreyyya Evren, Alternative publishing experiences in Istanbul (action note)

Caspar Davis, Creative democracy – wisdom councils at work (action note)

Alejandrina Reyes, La sistematizacion de experiencias y la vision emergente en el hecho educativo (teaching / research note)

David Landy, The mirror stage of movement intellectuals? Jewish criticism of Israel and its relationship to a developing social movement (review essay)

Fergal Finnegan, Janet Conway, Praxis and politics (book review)

A call for papers for issue two is now open, on the theme of “civil society versus social movements”. Full details at

Interface is looking for new participants for its various regional / linguistic groups. We are particularly keen to find IT collaborators who can help us make the site more useful and accessible, and translators to support our multilingual project. Our overall aim is to “learn from each other’s struggles”: to develop a dialogue between researchers and practitioners, but also between different social movements, intellectual traditions and national contexts.

Contact details at: