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Moving to Berkeley 8th of July until end of December: Visiting School of information

I am moving to Berkeley next 8th of July until end of December. I will be visiting the School of information – UC Berkeley. I will be collaborating with Howard Rheingold and Coye Chesire . I will also be doing field work on two of my case studies (one is Wikipedia).

Marco Berlinguer (my partner and researcher on new forms of political organization) will be coming for some period, too. We will be trying to build bridges between the techno-political scene and Social Forum process in Europe and the State in the frame of the Networked Politics Project.

This new adventure makes me very happy! I will be posting news from it here regularly.

If you have any suggestion on places to go or people to meet in California! I would appreciate if you let me know. If you are at California and are interested on this research and my work on online creation communities governance I would be happy on meeting you. Contact:

In solidarity! Mayo