What am I doing now?

I am in a B & B plan (Boston & Barcelona) and collaborating with several institutions and networks.


I am working as postdoc fellow at the Berkman center for Internet and Society (Harvard University). At the Berkman, I am enjoying a lot working on networked publich sphere with Yochai Benkler as part of a nice working team on Cooperation together with Benjamin Mako Hill, Aaron Shaw, Jerome Hergueux, and other friends and Berkman fellows. My research is mainly focus on commons governance and social movements.


I am member of the Institute of Goverment and Public Policies (Autonomous University of Barcelona), where is a pleasure promoting the research group IGOPnet.cc on Internet, Politics and Commons with Joan Subirats, Marco Berlinguer and Ruben Martinez.

Current affiliations

Researcher. Area Internet, Politics & Commons. Institute of Government and Public Policies. Autonomous University of Barcelona. From 2005 to now.

Fellow. Berkman center for Internet & society. Harvard University. From September 2011 to now.

Fellow. Real Colegio Complutense. Harvard University. From November 2012 to now.

Visiting scholar. Center for civic media. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). From September 2012 to now.

Member. Cosmos Consortium of social movements studies of the European University Institute.

Affiliate. The Network of Excellence in Internet Science.

Member. Program Communication and civic society. Internet Interdisciplinary Institute. Open University of Catalonia. From April 2011 to now.

Member. Research group Democracy, Elections and Citizenship. Department of Political Science. Autonomous University of Barcelona. From 2009 to now.

Steering committee standing group of Internet and politics. European Consortium for Political Science. From 2009 to now.

Member. Research Committee Wikimedia Foundation (United States). From November 2010 to now.

Member advisory board. Open Media Cluster (Italy). From 2011 to now.

Contributor. Editor of The Future of Occupy (United Kingdom). From 2012 to now.

Board member. Open knowledge foundation – Spanish Chapter. From 2012 to now.

Co-founder. School of the commons (Barcelona) and Digital commons forum. From 2011 to now.

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