Transforming power: New book by Judy Rebick

Hello! Good news from Judy Rebick a long term activist  from Canada. She just published a new book on “Transforming Power”, her reflections came from the organizing emerging at the Global Movement taking particular attention to the role and the organizing though technology. I met Judy Rebick through the Networked Politics collaborative research ( and enjoy particularly her framing of the movements from a feminist perspective, her curiosity for the new and the combination of ideas from several perspectives, and her strong caracter.  See below more info on the new book. In solidarity! Mayo

Judy Rebick is very excited about her new book Transforming Power: From the Personal to the Political, which is coming out in early March.  Transforming Power is the result of the last two or three years of her travels around the world looking for new approaches to political and social action and her life time of experience as an activist.  She is hoping it will inspire dialogue and action about the new paths to social change we need to transform this planet and create a better world.

You can get a preview of the book at our very cool new web site  You can pre-order the book there which will help to create a buzz as she move into the book tour in March and April, you can read her new blog, and you can browse through videos and photos of the people and organizations featured in the book. 

Below is a list of book events.  

March 10th – Ottawa Launch – Raw Sugar Café

March 12th – Toronto Launch – Ryerson University

March 25th – Montreal Launch – Concordia

March 26th – Halifax Launch – Mount Saint Vincent

April 2nd – Calgary Launch – Location TBA

April 3rd – Edmonton Launch – Public Interest Alberta Conference

Vancouver dates to be announced

 Book launch event details (places, times) are available here: