My personal trajectory

I was born in Oliva (Valencia), a small town in front of the Mediterranean sea, 8th of December of 1975. I am part of the first generation born in democracy after Franco dictatorship. But I start active politically inserted at Praha 2000 generation. I was part of the Moviment de Resistencia Global of Catalonia (MRG) and active at the People Global Action networks, and afterword the European Social Forum and World Social Forum from the autonomous spaces perspective. I had being based on Amsterdam, working with Eyfa – an European environmental organization – and at Barcelona, founding Infoespai social center.

On 2002, I focus my activism in action research issues though the collective Glocal, doing a Guide for social transformation in Catalonia and directories of social movements organizations in Catalonia and at the European level. In 2004, I organized the first international meeting on activist research with Investigacio and impulse the creation of an European techno-political tools hub, and the building of a E-library for and on social transformation. I was part of the promoter group of the collaborative research project Networked Politics, the Webteam of the European Social Forum and member of the Communication commission of the International Council of the World Social Forum. Since 2008, in parallel to build techno-political tools, I campaign for digital rights. In this regard, I co-founder of the Free culture Forum and digital rights which promoted the “Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge”.

I felt the necessity to develop rigorous research in order to review the validity of social movements strategy in regards to technology and the organizational lessons emerging from online collective action, and applied to do a Doctoral dissertation. I completed a Ph.D. at the Social and Political Science Department of the European University Institute. Thesis project title: Governance of Online creation communities: Provision of infrastructure for the building of digital commons. My superviser at the European University Institute  is  Prof. Donatella della Porta, and my Jury was Prof. Bruce Bimber (UC Santa Barbara), Prof. Joan Subirats (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), and Prof. Giovanni Sartor (European University Institute).

My previous academic formation is based on a Degree in Economics (Univ. of Valencia); Degree in Anthropology (Univ. Rovira i Virgili); Master in Politics of Cooperation and Development (Univ. Complutense of Madrid); and, Master in Social movements and Urban Studies (Univ. Rovira i Virgili). I am currently member of the social movements working group Institut de Govern i Po­litiques Puliques (Univ. Automona de Barcelona); member of the Steering committee of forms of participation and of the Standing Group on Internet&Politics – European Council of Political Research (ECPR); and member of the Research Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation.

I was visiting researcher at the School of Information University of California Berkeley  sponsored by Howard Rheingold and Coye Chesire in 2008, and provided teaching assistance to Howard Rheingold at the “Virtual communities and new media” course at the Stanford University. I did participate at the Free culture research workshop organised by the Berkman center of Internet and society celebrated at Harvard (November 2009) .

My mother languages are Castillian and Catalan. I use fluently English and Italian. I understand Portuguese and can read French.

I live in Europe, mainly Barcelona, Florence, Valencia and Rome.