Presentations & Research experience

From 2006 to 2010: Phd research at the European University Institute


  • Presentation: “Governance of online creation communities: Provision of platforms of participation for the building of digital commons, Self-provision model: Social forums case study” Internet & Politics section, ECPR General Conference, Potsdam, September 2009.
  • Presentation: Participation in online creation communities: Participation as an eco-system and Wikipedia case studies. International Workshop “Citizen Politics: Are the New Media Reshaping Political Engagement?”. Polnet project. Autonomous University of Barcelona.


Courses and seminars:

    • Visiting researcher at the School of information UC Berkeley: July – December 2008. Sponsors: Howard Rheingold and Coye Chesire
      • Computer-Mediated Communication. By Coye Chesire. School of information. UC Berkeley.
      • Virtual communities/Social media. By Howard Rheingold. Standford University. Providing course assistance.
      • Attending Conference Celebrating Scancor’s 20th anniversary: Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research. November 21-23, 2008. Stanford University.
      • Coordination organization seminar Networked Politics and Technology at the School of Information – UC Berkeley. 5, 6 and 7 December 2008.


  • (2008) Presentation and paper: “Social Forums and Technology: Hypothesis on why online communities promoted by Social Forums don’t easily scale up”. Article part of the seminar reader “Networked Politics and Technology”. School of Information UC Berkeley, 6 & 7 December 2008.
  • (2008) Presentation: “New media and politics: Obama comunication strategy”. Presentation at Virtual Communities and new media. Department of Communication. Stanford University. 2 December 2008.
  • (2008) Presentation Faculty Discussions – School of information: Online Communities Governance: Styles of democratic quality in knowledge-making processes resulting from a large-N analysis and preliminary results on Wikipedia case study. 19 November 2008.
  • (2008) Presentation: “Mapping online communities”. Presentation at Virtual Communities and new media. Department of Communication. Stanford University. November 4th December 2008.
  • (2008) Even newer social movements? Virtual communities. Session “What new social movements?” at The Great Rehearsal? The World Revolution of ‘68 @ University of San Francisco. 20 September 2008
  • (2008) Web Communities: Emerging Organizational forms in Collective Action – Web 2.0 for profit versus Web 2.0 profit for all Presentation at panel: New Technologies and Politics: New Patterns of Relationships between Political Actors. European Consortium For Political Research. 2nd ECPR Graduate Conference. Barcelona.Barcelona Conference 2008. Tuesday, 26/08/2008.


  • (2007) Online creation communities – Annual Congress of the Spanish association of Political Science and of the administration. Valencia, 18 -20 September.