Cfp – panel: Scrutinizing mobilisation in networked politics – 22th World Congress of International Political Science Association

Call for papers – panel @ 22th World Congress of Political Science ( IPSA) July 8th to 12th 2012 Madrid

Deadline: OCTOBER 17 2011.

We (Chair: Marta Cantijoch, Co-chair: I, Discussants: Jorge Salcedo and Camilo Cristancho and ) are organizing a panel for the upcoming IPSA World Congress in Madrid (8-12 July 2012) on the topic of “Scrutinizing mobilization in networked politics”

Internet use has expanded the mobilization opportunities of organized political actors (political parties, social movements, interest groups) while giving prominence to non-organized individuals or individuals organized via flexible structures or mainly online-based formats (such as online communities). Digital tools like websites, blogs or social networking sites, among others, are reshaping communicational dynamics and mobilizing strategies. This panel calls for papers aiming at expanding our knowledge on the changes in mobilization processes that are taking place as a consequence of the spread of internet mediated communication. We invite paper proposals addressing any of the following questions: Can we characterize online mobilization as comprising considerably different processes from those used in more traditional channels? What can we learn from differences between online mobilization strategies by different type of actors in multiple contexts? What are the factors explaining the use of new media for political mobilization? How can mobilization effects be assessed in terms of collective outcomes such as turnout, or individual changes in attitudes and behaviors?
We encourage proposals that combine conceptual discussion and empirical analysis. We also welcome analyses of the changes occurring in the use of online methods of mobilization across time and/or countries.

If you are interested in presenting on this panel, you can submit an abstract (of approx 250 words) on the IPSA website at: Under the ‘Congress Theme’ drop-down menu, you will want to select RC “Electronic Democracy” . Under the ‘Panel’ drop-down menu you will want to select ‘Scrutinizing mobilization in networked politics’
The deadline for submission of abstracts and paper proposals is OCTOBER 17 2011.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions (contact details below). Best wishes,
Marta Cantijoch (marta.cantijoch(at) & Mayo Fuster Morell (mayofm(at)