Book Release: Sharing: Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age by Philippe Aigrain

Very happy for my friend Philippe Aigrain who just release a great book! Compliments Philippe! Mayo

Press release, 1 February 2012

File sharing and Open Access are the future of culture

Sharing: Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age

By Philippe Aigrain, with contribution of Suzanne Aigrain

Sharing cultural works benefits authors, culture and public

In the past fifteen years, file sharing of digital cultural works
between individuals has been at the center of a number of debates on
the future of culture itself. Sharing provides a new view of the value
of peer-to-peer sharing of digital works. Taking stock of what we have
learnt about the cultural economy in recent years, Aigrain develops
new economic models for rewarding creativity and for valuable cultural
functions to remain sustainable.

Living Book

Sharing is also available as a living book on
The author will update it on an ongoing basis, and readers are welcome
to join the debate and update it with the author.

Sharing is available as a print book and online through Open Access
under the Creative Commons licence.

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“Aigrain enlightens our understanding of the present while opening our
minds to new, better ways of reaping the cultural and social benefits
of the digital revolution.”–Professor Juan Carlos De Martin – Faculty
Director, NEXA Center for Internet & Society, Politecnico di Torino

“Philippe Aigrain (…) explains why – contrary to what is generally
stated – non-commercial sharing of cultural works by individuals is a
widely beneficial practice. Most importantly, he explores what can be
done in practice to sustain creativity in the new digital
landscape.”–Charles Nesson, Weld Professor of Law and Founder of the
Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

“More than an impassioned defense of the Creative Contribution, this
essay is a must read for anyone interested in a viable economic
structure adapted to the realities of the digital environment.”–Milad
Doueihi, Research Professor of Digital Cultures, Université Laval,

Philippe Aigrain is the CEO of Sopinspace – Society for Public
Information Spaces and one of the founders of La Quadrature du Net.

Suzanne Aigrain is lecturer in astrophysics at Oxford University and
fellow of All Souls College.

ISBN 978 90 8964 385 8 * e-ISBN 978 90 4851 534 9 * February 2012 *
€29 * Pbk* 244 pages

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