What is Barcetacium?

Barcetarium is a welcoming house/space in Barcelona, a remixing node around networks, commons, politics, Internet, action research, open/free knowledge, mix-methods, Wikipedia, dancing, bikes, & trekking.

If you are around Barcelona  and would enjoy a warm plate and a lively conversations – just call us. If you are planning visiting the city and would like a place to stay, send us an e-mail to check room availability.

We support Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, Open Knowledge Foundation, Creative Commons, Electronic Frontair Foundation, Free Software Foundation and communities, P2PFoundationNetwork of centers of Internet and Society, and any commons-related organization, among others; if you are related to those organizations, we would be very happy to help you as a contribution to their missions and your effort.

Barcetarium is friends with a “network” of other “Ariums”, such as The Acetarium and Bernitarium.

Camí antic de Valencia 2, 1-2 Barcelona 08005 (close to Rambla de Poble nou with Pallars)

Metro: Poble Nou

Mayo Fuster Morell
e-mail: mayo.fuster(at)
phone: 0034-648877748

Abril & Marco

Visitors 2018

Mako & Mika

Visitors 2015

Yochai Benkler (Berkman center), Samer Hassan, Enric Senabre (Goteo), Valentina Bazzarin (Bologna city council on the commons), Victor Guillamon, Ruben Martinez…


Abril arrives

Visitors 2013

@March Michel Bauwens of P2PFoundation

@May Martin Kunze

@May Michael Bauer of OKFN for  Jornadas de Periodismo de Datos

@ June George Pór and Anna Betz  of School of Commoning London

 Useful infos Barcelona


* May: The city celebrates the night of the museams.

* 23th June: Nit de Sant Joan


Equity Point Centric: Very cheap but new and centric hostel.

Search options at or here


If you want to go to other beaches other than Barcelonata beach (which is Barcelona beach, close from the house), these two seems to be a good – relaxing plan:
If you are considering renting a car, tend to be the cheapers option. is a website where you could also fine good deals for cars or other matters.

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