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Wikimedia evolution in terms of governance and the creation of a Foundation

Hello everyone!

I am presenting a talk at the Wikipedia – Critical point of view event, organised by the Institute for the network culture and The Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore, India.To be held at Amsterdam, 26 & 27 March 2010. I thank the organisers of the CPOV events for their effort on putting together a great set of Wikipedia researchers and practiciouners. It it is important to create channels and spaces to meet, exchange, discuss among the several and multiple critical perspectives in the research of Wikipedia and in general in thinking about the implications of open collaboration forms.

Plus I would like to share with you a recent post I did for the Wikipedia – CPOV webiste. The post provides an overview of the evolution of the Wikimedia governance and the role of the Foundation across time. Furthermore, I hope it could also help to contextualise my presentation at the CPOV which will address the role of the Wikimedia Foundation for the Wikimedia eco-system and its international-global expansion.

Here it is the post at the Wikipedia – CPOV website:

Comments, critiques and suggestions are very welcome! Mayo